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Jewish Conservancy

Lower East Side Jewish Conservancy Tours Continued!

Tours offered by the Lower East Side Jewish Conservancy (LESJC) beginning in 2009 will now be continued throughout 2010. Each of these tours (there are 2 choices) last about 90 minutes. Tours take place rain or shine. There are small fees for these tours, children are free. Those who have taken the tours have been thrilled with their experience.

Two Insider Tours are offered: (1) Based on highlights of the LESJC's public tour "Crossing Delancey," will be available on Thursdays beginning at 1:45 p.m. (2) Based on highlights of the LESJC's public tour "Bialystoker the Beautiful" are available on Sundays beginning at 11:45 a.m. Both tours begin at the Kling-Niman Visitor's Center of the Lower East Side Jewish Conservancy, 400 Grand Street.

former NYC mayor Ed Koch Did you know former Mayor Ed Koch is a movie reviewer?

Former NYC mayor Ed Koch has always been a man with a great many talents and perhaps even more interests. His effervescence and exuberance for life, people and all things New York City is legendary and the reason why he has a very special place in the hearts of New Yorkers.

Mayor Koch loves the movies. He has always loved the movies. He goes to the movies religiously and when asked to review a movie, he will go on and on. So why not become a movie reviewer with an official column and a regular schedule? He reviews all the current movies all the time, so if you are out of town, why not check him out in the local newspaper, the Downtown Express. Enjoy his opinions anytime!

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classic bagel lox cream cheese red onion

A Speakeasy in Manhattan

December 2014: Chloe 81 has been called, "A Speakeasy for Our Time". Can't get enough of Boarwalk Empire, get on down to the lower east side of Manhattan and head down to the subterraneum restaurant, cafe, lounge known as Chloe 81.
Pale yellow subway tile, low lighting, secret rooms and clubby banquettes all smell "in crowd".
Contemporary drink choices will let you choose a drink with elderflower, champagne and ginger.
Bring your late night date here to impress with your knowledge of underground New York City!

File: Manhattan Speakeasy

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