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February 2009 - New York City Plans Winter Jam on the Lower East Side -

A 90-foot ramp will be a centerpiece of the NYC Parks Department’s Winter Jam NYC, a two-day event scheduled for Feb. 5 and 7, 2009. Professional snowboarders like Shaun White, Pat Moore and Travis Rice are to take part in a Big Air in the Big Apple Pro Snowboarding Competition on February 5. The Winter Jam include a 70-foot snow flume for sledding and an ice-climbing wall. The ramp is being built by Frank Wells and Mike Bettera of Snow Park Technology. The Parks Department says it “allows riders multiple angles of trajectory — frontside or backside, landing on either the right or left side of the massive 45-degree spine. Winter Jam will take place in East River Park on the Lower East Side.

January 2009 - The latest hipster joint for socializing and drinking comes in the form of the subterranean lounge, Chloe.
the underground bar lounge, Chloe
To enter, you must know the doorway, for that is the true mark of the hipster wold in 2009. Door knowledge is power (so is the number of a good car service late at night). In this case, the door is on Ludlow Street and Chloe is right underneath the French bistro Casanis. So now you know. Doesn't the photo to the right look like a lucious banquette. Beware, the leftover white subway tile from McNally's Schiller's Liquor Bar is a featured part of the decor here! Soft lights, red banquettes, nice date place if there was anything else around.

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Artists of the Lower East Side Show National Trust for Historic Preservation
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classic bagel lox cream cheese red onion

A Speakeasy in Manhattan

December 2014: Chloe 81 has been called, "A Speakeasy for Our Time". Can't get enough of Boarwalk Empire, get on down to the lower east side of Manhattan and head down to the subterraneum restaurant, cafe, lounge known as Chloe 81.
Pale yellow subway tile, low lighting, secret rooms and clubby banquettes all smell "in crowd".
Contemporary drink choices will let you choose a drink with elderflower, champagne and ginger.
Bring your late night date here to impress with your knowledge of underground New York City!

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