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Schiller's Liquor Bar, restaurant
131 Rivington Street
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building view

Located at 131 Rivington Street in the lower east side of New York, Schiller's Liquor Bar wraps the corner with easy to clean subway tile!

corner view

In the upside world of New York Hip, yes, the east is east and the battery is down. At Schiller's, the idea is to 'make it cheap to make it cool.'

They only offer three types wine of Cheap, Decent and Good. Those are their terms, not ours. That's how they kind of do it here. They also serve lunch, dinner and then there is supper. Supper is served during the week from midnight unitl 1 am, but on the weekends, "Supper" is served from 12am - 3am. Supper is a light dinnner.

Hot spot, reservations recommended.

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A Speakeasy in Manhattan

December 2014: Chloe 81 has been called, "A Speakeasy for Our Time". Can't get enough of Boarwalk Empire, get on down to the lower east side of Manhattan and head down to the subterraneum restaurant, cafe, lounge known as Chloe 81.
Pale yellow subway tile, low lighting, secret rooms and clubby banquettes all smell "in crowd".
Contemporary drink choices will let you choose a drink with elderflower, champagne and ginger.
Bring your late night date here to impress with your knowledge of underground New York City!

File: Manhattan Speakeasy

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